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Kingdom Disciple

A Bible Study Guide for

Building your Relationship with Jesus

Kingdom Disciple

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Is there a difference between a Christian and a follower of Jesus?

Many people want to know what Jesus really expects.

You can learn the lifestyle of Jesus and model a life worth imitating.

Discover the expectations of grace that Jesus has for every follower.

Be the disciple Jesus wants you to be so you can become the disciple-maker Jesus wants you to become.

In these lessons you will experience:

  • Biblically based study that creates authentic Jesus-followers
  • Clearly explained expectations of grace that Jesus has for His disciples
  • Average believers will become solid Christ-centered followers
  • Easy to lead with discussion questions included
  • Real-life stories that inspire faith and obedience

    Challenging resource for adult ministries:

  • Sunday school classes
  • Small Group Bible Study
  • Retreats
  • Elective Classes
  • One-on-One Discipling

    This 24 page low-cost book includes:

  • Step-by-step Leader Guide
  • Practical Discussion Questions
  • Engaging, Full-color Layout
  • Powerful Real-life Stories

    New Lower Price - $2.00 each when purchased as a 5-pack

    $1.00 each when purchased as a 25 pack.

    $3.99 as a copyrighted pdf

    Questions? See the FAQ page or email us.

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    A tell-it-like-it-is Book

    This book is a wake up call! We must learn how to be disciples before we can effectively make disciples. In just 24 pages, Kingdom Disciple scripturally teaches us how to do this in a profound and thrilling way using five words: Come, Follow, Pray, Love, and Trust. What may take some people years to figure out, now can be learned in 30 minutes. I will use this study with every woman I mentor and every class I teach.

    Advisor to Women's Ministries
    North Carolina

    Foundational Teaching and Inspiring Stories

    Kingdom Disciple is perfect for anyone who desires to be a serious follower of Jesus. The five short lessons are packed with foundational and motivating teaching that is backed up with inspiring stories of people who have lived out the principles. No matter if you're a brand new Christian or have been following Jesus for many years, this biblically based study will challenge you to evaluate your commitment to Jesus.

    EP and CP
    Small Group Leaders

    Changing Hearts

    Our college students were very encouraged by Kingdom Disciple. While other discipleship studies "fill the head," these lessons changed hearts. The questions provided made group discussion easy. The main point of each lesson was impossible to miss.

    College Pastor

    Combines Simplicity and Depth

    Kingdom Disciple combines simplicity and depth for a challenging study that will benefit all believers. Whether you are a brand new disciple or a seasoned disciple-maker, this book has something for you. It walks you through exactly what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus.

    Graphic Designer

    Vivid Stories and Clear Scriptural Teaching

    This was such a refreshing study for my Women's Bible Study group. The vivid stories and clear Scriptural teaching made it easy to understand God's purpose for my life as His disciple.


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