Tip #2 -- Cultivate
Christian Accountability
Men with Men &
Women with Women

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Character development is the goal

The lack of Christian accountability and deep relationships hinder character development. Too often our relationships remain on a surface level. How many Christians have a friend with whom they feel comfortable to share their deepest struggles?

Many believers meet in small groups on a regular basis. But these groups, composed of both men and women, usually remain in one group during the entire study. As a result, the level of sharing is limited. Men will not open up with women in the room and vice versa.

Read our suggestions on how to build trust.

Christian relationships must be cultivated to enhance trust in relationships

Open and honest relationships will not just happen. They must be cultivated. I wish more groups would spend part of their Bible study with the men in one room and the women in another. I am suggesting that each week you schedule your time to be partly integrated and partly segregated. Try it once! You'll be surprised at what is shared once the men and women come together in gender specific groups.

Making disciples through friendships and relationships.

This is our small group schedule:

30 minutes - Socializing - snacks and fellowship
45 minutes - Bible Study - men & women together
45 minutes - Life on Life - men with men and women with women

This format allows the closing prayer time to take place within the gender specific groups. Deeper sharing leads to deeper praying.

The discussion questions and personal assessments in What's Missing Inside You? were especially written to encourage honest and open sharing and Christian accountability.

How did this tip work for you? We are eager to hear from you.

Author: Paul Schlieker www.bible-study-lesson-plans.com

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