Tip #3 -- Define Purpose of Your Disciple Bible Study

Integrate Truth, Relationships and Mission

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Not every small group is a discipleship group. Define the purpose of your Christian small group. Why does your disciple Bible study exist? What are your primary activities?

Fellowship Only Groups

Many small groups meet simply for fellowship and nothing more. While the fellowship and friendships are great, there is often little commitment to Bible study, personal growth or involving new people. The members may love and take care of each other, but are they growing more like Jesus? Are they reaching out to others? It's easy for a fellowship focused group to feel aimless, predictable, and lifeless.

Bible Study Groups

Some groups meet only for Bible study. These groups have great lessons and gifted Bible study leaders, but little commitment to putting Bible principles into practice. There is limited discussion and accountability to others is not a priority. The relational aspect is missing.

A Discipleship Bible Study

The purpose of a discipling group is to get and spread the DNA of Jesus. The DNA of Jesus is truth, relationships and mission.

The expectation is to ask members to devote themselves to reading Scripture for themselves, share struggles and confess sins, and pray for those who do not know Christ.

These are the foundational spiritual disciplines that must be embraced among God's people. When this purpose is clearly explained, those who are motivated rise to the top. Those who are settled and satisfied with the status quo, often step aside.

First Steps

The first step is to view your group as a discipleship group - regardless of its exact name. Refer and treat it as such.

Then integrate reading, confessing and praying for the lost into each meeting. Incorporate these simple spiritual disciplines and watch the Lord work.

We have several devotionals, Sunday School lessons, sermons, and newsletters devoted to helping you define purpose and integrating truth, relationships and missions into your small group structure. Click on these links to read more.

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