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Kingdom-Driven Discipleship - A Disciple Bible Study

1. What is the need for this small group Bible study?

2. Who will benefit from disciple Bible study?

3. How is each lesson formatted?

4. How can I get the most from it?

5. What help is given for the leader?

6. What groups have used this?

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1. What is the need for this small group Bible study?

The necessity to make disciples in the middle of the harvest field is based on two fundamental perspectives:

  • This was Jesus personal approach to disciple-making
  • We are becoming a non-church going culture.

It is naive to believe that massive numbers of unsaved people will someday start coming to church. Since they aren't coming to us, we must go to them.

2. Who will benefit from this disciple Bible study?

It is uniquely written for seasoned believers who desire to impact their sphere of influence. Those who have become settled and satisfied with the status quo will be challenged to take a fresh approach to building relationships for Christ. Sunday school classes, adult Bible studies, home groups, church leaders, and business professionals have all successfully used this study. Mature believers will be equipped to become disciple-makers wherever they live, work and play.

3. How is each lesson formatted?

Each lesson is 4 pages and includes clear scriptural teaching. All Bible verses are written out. There are discussion questions at the end of every section and action steps at the conclusion of each lesson. From start to finish, each lesson will require about 60-75 minutes.

4. How can I get the most from this study?

Every member needs his/her own book. It is recommended that you study this workbook within a small group (2-10). Group members are encouraged to read the lessons in advance.

5. What help is given for the leader?

  • Five complete lessons with an easy-to-read layout

  • Clear directions for leading each session

  • Practical questions for helping you learn more about your group

  • Plain truths and biblical references

  • Thought provoking quotations from well-known Christian leaders

6. What groups have used this study?

Kingdom-Driven Discipleship has been used by pastors, church leaders, business professionals and various church groups. It has been used in many settings: homes, churches, work places and retreats.

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