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Kingdom-Driven Discipleship

Making Disciples in the Middle of the Harvest Field

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Exactly what our church needed to launch our discipleship ministry.
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For your small group discipleship Bible study - Kingdom-Driven Discipleship

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"Another insightful and timely work from Paul Schlieker!"
RA, Elder

Do you realize that your mission field is right in front of you?

Many people Jesus wants us to reach are not coming to church buildings.

You can learn to make disciples where you live, work and play.

The people you routinely contact are Christ's harvest field.

In these lessons you will experience:

  • Biblically based studies to help you reach your relational network
  • Five lessons that turn church members into disciple-makers
  • Helps you naturally reach your relationship network
  • Easy to lead with discussion questions included
  • Excellent training for seasoned believers
  • Challenging resource for adult ministries:

  • Sunday school classes
  • A Small Group Bible Study
  • Leadership Training
  • Retreats
  • A Discipleship Bible Study
  • This 24 page low-cost book includes:

  • Discussion questions
  • Practical action steps
  • Leader notes
  • Engaging, full-color layout
  • New Lower Price - $2.00 each when purchased as a 5-pack

    $1.00 each when purchased as a 25-pack

    $3.99 as a copyrighted pdf

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    Paul taught a series of five lessons on this book at the Okoboji Lakes Bible and Missionary Conference in 2010. They are all freely offered on this website. Listen to the first lesson in the series.

    THIS FILLS IN THE MISSING PART! The How-To of Discipleship

    Paul Schlieker's book is absolutely outstanding. In Kingdom-Driven Discipleship, he reveals exactly what to tell others about Jesus. The aim of this book, goes higher than any I've seen. Paul explains the magnificent call of Jesus to us, His disciples, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...Matthew 28:19." Then, in anointed simplicity, he tell us how to do this. I have shared this book with those in large ministries, who immediately said they want to use it. Anyone who mentors others, needs to involve them in Kingdom-driven Discipleship. Start your journey of making disciples God's way!

    Advisor to Women's Ministries
    North Carolina


    Kingdom-Driven Discipleship is exactly what our church needed to help launch our discipleship ministry. After using this study in a small group study I was impressed with its well written, simple and yet challenging lessons for believers in Christ. It sends a clear message that all followers of Christ are called to be disciple-makers, not just church leaders! I highly recommend it.

    Owner, Quality Pork International

    Mens Bible Study


    Another insightful and timely work from Paul Schlieker! Our Church Elders have used all of Paul Schlieker's books with rich blessing in every case. In fact, What's Missing Inside You? has been invaluable in our outreach to the local and surrounding communities. His latest work, Kingdom-Driven Discipleship has been an excellent discipleship Bible study to encourage discussion and self-assessment among our Elders.

    RA, Elder


    I highly recommend Kingdom-Driven Discipleship regardless of where you are in your faith journey. The question, "Do you see yourself as a disciple-maker?" sets the tone for a challenging, soul searching study. I appreciated the clear scriptural teaching that reinforces our Lord's call to join him in the middle of his harvest field. These lessons helped me to view my job as my kingdom assignment and renew my availability to the Lord.

    Entrepreneur Coach

    Womens Bible study STRONG IMPACT ON MY FAMILY

    My entire family greatly enjoyed Kingdom-Driven Discipleship. Janet and I felt privileged to go through this study with all three of our grown children. It was a powerful and thought provoking experience. The clear, direct and straight-from-the-Bible approach allowed us to have numerous discussions with our kids when the formal meeting was over. I don't believe anyone can finish these lessons without realizing what Jesus expects of his disciples. I have certainly become more sensitive toward my calling since experiencing this study.



    Working through Kingdom-Driven Discipleship helped me to understand that I have a mission field and that Christ is calling my name. Until now, I have been intimidated to talk to others about Jesus and his impact on my life. After this study, I realized that Jesus is able to open doors for me and give the right words to say.

    Hospital Administrator


    Kingdom-Driven Discipleship helped me understand in straight-forward terms what it means to be a kingdom disciple. It is freeing to know that the ministry of Jesus is what he does through me, not what I try to do for him. This discipleship Bible study inspired me to live for God's glory and not mine.

    Pastor's wife

    Mens Bible study


    I've always known that disciples of Jesus influence others. However, Kingdom-Driven Discipleship helped me see things in a new light. I now realize that my company provides a natural opportunity to reach people who don't know the Lord. My harvest field involves people I routinely see every day. That's an exciting reason to go to work!

    CEO, TEK Industries, Inc.

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