Tip #8 - How to Be a Mentor
Simply Share Your Life

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Have you ever wondered how to be a mentor?

The idea of being a mentor may sound intimidating. It's not as daunting as it seems. Being a good mentor is mainly about caring and taking the time to invest in another person.

Share life experiences

From a discipling perspective, a good mentor is a person who opens up and shares what he or she knows about following Christ. In the simplest terms, a good mentor provides guidance by sharing real life experiences that have shaped his life.

Most of the people I have mentored want to talk about life and God. Talking about life means all areas of life. This includes a wide variety of subjects such as personal habits, hobbies, career plans and family issues. As a follower of Jesus, life and God naturally overlap. There is no part of life that my relationship with God does not affect.

Read a Christian book or a portion of the Bible

As I have mentored young men, we often choose a Christian book to read together. Two of my favorites are The Pursuit of Man and The Pursuit of God. Both of these books are by A. W. Tozer.

I have also used my books to mentor people. All of them are easy to use.
Bible Basics - for seekers and new believers
What's Missing Inside You? - Bible teaching and stories that engage the heart
Kingdom Driven Discipleship - motivation and training for the seasoned believer to become a disciple-maker - Watch free video teaching by Paul that accompanies this book.

Meet regularly

When entering a mentoring relationship, I often meet once per month for breakfast. This provides a relaxed environment to begin sharing. As God leads, the relationship will deepen. Open, honest communcation takes time, but it does come. Be patient. You can be a good mentor. Someday, the person you mentor will use what you taught him and mentor someone else. That is the kind of multiplication the Lord desires.

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