Jonah and the Whale

The God Who Is On a Mission

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Jonah and the Whale
The God Who is on a Mission

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Four Parts to Jonah’s Testimony

1. Jonah’s disobedience

2. God's intervention in Jonah’s life

3. Nineveh’s repentance

4. Jonah’s resentment

God uses three separate and distinct stages to prepare us for His mission:

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1.God turns us around.

  • In chapter 1, the concept of fleeing from God's presence is found 3 times. (1:3, 10
  • The proof that God didn't give up on Jonah is that he miraculously intervened in Jonah's life. (1:4, 17)

2. God gives us a second chance.

  • To repent means to straighten out your thinking.
  • Repentance involves obeying God and changing your behavior.
  • When we repent, we raise the white flag of surrender. (2:2-9)
  • With God, second chances are always available when repentance is real. (2:10; 3:1)

3. God helps us rediscover His values.

  • Why was Jonah’s heart so resentful? (4:2)
  • Learn to heal emotionally.

  • God needed to help Jonah rediscover His values. (4:6-11)

Author and teacher: Paul Schlieker

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