Tip #10 -- Leadership Characteristics to Get Started in Disciple-Making

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number 10 What leadership characteristics are needed to begin a discipling relationship?

Desperate to be like Christ

First of all, good leaders lead. Are you seeking to be like Christ?

Select a person to disciple that also has a strong desire to become like Christ. When someone feels the need to grow spiritually they possess an open, receptive and willing spirit. This kind of spiritual desire borders on desperation. The more desperate the person is the better. Try to avoid spending lots of time with a person who does not desperately need Christ. The old axiom is true: you can’t rescue someone that does not need to be rescued.

Decide upon a time and place

Secondly, good leaders have a plan for when to meet.

Agree upon when and how often you will meet. I meet with some people weekly, with others bi-weekly and with others once per month. These formal meetings are usually breakfast or lunch meetings held in restaurants. Between meetings I call them just to see how things are going.

Have a plan for your time together.

The third characteristic is to know the goal of meeting.

If there's not a plan, the meeting time will just be "talking together." Follow the pattern Jesus gave us when he discipled the twelve. Disciple-making is merely transmitting the DNA of Jesus to a person who is ready to receive it. In his book, Organic Church, Neil Cole notes that the DNA of Jesus is truth, relationships, and mission.

Spiritually speaking, Jesus embodied this genetic code and he passed it on to his disciples.

Divine Truth takes root in human hearts by reading the Scriptures and listening for the voice of God’s Spirit. Relationships grow closer when there is a safe and open environment that allows people to be real. Struggles are shared and sins are confessed. Mission means reproduction. This begins when growing disciples begin to pray for lost souls.

Intrigued by the DNA of Jesus?

The steady intake of Scripture,sharing struggles and sins and praying for those who do not know Christ are the three foundational disciplines of following Jesus. Every effective discipling relationship integrates these basic practices.

Remember - the first characteristic is of most importance - becoming more and more like Jesus.

It is enough for the disciple to be like his teacher. Matthew 10:25

To learn more about leadership characteristics for disciple-makers in the 21st century, check out Kingdom-Driven Discipleship.

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