The Role of Personal Power and Influence in Discipleship

Focus: Relational Network

Psalm 139:16

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Kingdom-Driven Discipleship Class #3

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Third in a series of five lessons based on my book Kingdom Driven Discipleship - Making Disciples in the Middle of the Harvest Field. Presented at the Okoboji Lakes Bible and Missionary Conference in August, 2010. Read more about Kingdom Driven Discipleship.

The United States is becoming a non church-going culture.

Generally speaking, reaching new people for Jesus isn't going to happen in a church service. In light of this reality, how can we learn to make disciples wherever people live, work and play?

When these audio lessons were recorded, each person had a copy of Kingdom-Driven Discipleship. These audio classes have been edited to focus on the main idea. There are no natural breaks between major sections. If you are using these audio lessons in your small group, listen carefully so that you can periodically stop the recording to discuss the ideas presented with your group.

The audio lessons contain only the application and explanation of lessons in Kingdom Driven Discipleship. To maximize your experience, read Kingdom-Driven Discipleship before listening to the audio lesson.

Lesson 1: A New World: Post Christian Culture
Lesson 2: Motivation: Christ Himself

Lesson 3 -- Focus: Relational Network

The Role of Personal Power and Influence in Discipleship

Recognize that God is the leading character in the story of your life.

The key themes are:

  • God guides us to people within our natural networks
  • The problem of segmenting life into secular and sacred compartments
  • Viewing your job as your kingdom assignment and your office as your kingdom outpost
  • Building relationships with non-Christians through being a servant and friend

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    A look at the table of contents of Kingdom Driven Discipleship.

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    Your need: A discipleship Bible study to motivate and train believers to take Jesus to the places where they live, work, and play.

    Our resource: Kingdom Driven Discipleship

    Exactly what our church needed to launch our discipleship ministry.
    Local Church Leader

  • Turns church members
    into disciple-makers
  • Helps you naturally reach your relationship network with five biblically based studies
  • Easy to lead with discussion questions included

  • If you can read it, you can lead it.

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