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Resurrection Eggs

In our Bible studies with internationals, we look for ways to visually teach the basic truths of the Bible. I will never forget the first time we used this object lesson with a group of Chinese young adults. They followed along through the first eleven eggs with interest - but when the last man opened the twelth egg, his eyes lit up and he said, "It's EMPTY!" They knew immediately - Jesus was risen and the tomb was empty. Since then we have used this object lesson many times. Each time it conveys the same excitement.

Prepare participants for this lesson

For maximum benefit - teach Bible studies on Jesus' life, death, and resurrection in the weeks prior to this lesson. Use the object lesson to review and visually reinforce this central teaching. You may consider using the three lessons on Jesus in Bible Basics Bible Basics has a total of 6 lessons - God, the Bible, Satan and Sin, and 3 on Jesus. PLUS this object lesson.

Free Download

Here is the object lesson we use to teach the facts and meaning of Jesus' death and resurrection - it's free.

View or download Resurrection Eggs Object Lesson

Leader Instructions:

  • Number twelve plastic eggs.
  • Cut apart the scripture texts.
  • Place each item and each text in the corresponding numbered egg.(We use the New International Version, however you may use a Bible version with simpler words if desired.)
  • Divide the eggs among the participants.
  • Ask participants to open the eggs in numerical order, showing the object and reading the verse.

    Take your time and discuss each object/verse and its significance with the group. My personal favorite is Egg #8. By His death, Jesus paid for our sins and enabled us to have peace with God.

    What Now? A great follow-up teaching - Finding Peace with God
    Author: Paul Schlieker

    For any reuse or distribution of Resurrection Eggs or any of our free Bible study materials author credit and web address is required.

    This object lesson is from Bible Basics
    Available as a download or book.
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