A Romans Bible Study
A New Master

Romans 5:12 - 6:23
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A Romans Bible Study - 5:12 - 6:23

Bible Passage: Romans 5:12 - 6:23

The human need this Romans Bible Study meets is: to have the power to become a different person.
Learning Goals: By the end of this Romans Bible Study, each learner should be able to. . .

(Know) Define Justification and Sanctification.

(Feel) Feel free from the power of "self".

(Do) Identify areas he needs to let Christ be the master.


What is wrong with mankind? That's a question that has plagued people for centuries. What are some of the theories people have come up with?
Take 2 -3 minutes and identify two or three root problems of mankind and corresponding solutions. Share with the people near you.

What problems and solutions did you identify?

Here are two common responses:

  • People have been victimized. The solution is therapy and counselling.
  • People do not have enough money. The solution is giving them money, education, jobs.

The most popular and common assumption is that man is basically good -- he has just been victimized and lacks resources.


In this Romans Bible Study we'll see what the Bible says about the human race's basic problem and God's solution.

Bible Input

Let's read Romans 5:12 - 21.

In contrast to the theories of man, the reality of God's word teaches us that what is wrong with man is. . .

He is spiritually dead

  • Why? because he is a sinner
  • because he is controlled by the power of sin
  • because he is a descendant of Adam

"Sin is like putting your hand in a bucket of glue and then trying to wipe it clean. Everything you touch becomes sticky and there's nowhere to wash it off. Adam's sin began a cycle that eventually touched every person on earth, just as a damaged cookie cutter would affect an entire batch of cookies. A dent in a cookie cutter would appear in any cookie it made. Adam is the original human cookie cutter and the "dent" of sin has been passed down ever since." What's Missing Inside You by Paul Schlieker p. 37.

If sin is mankind's real problem,

  • then education won't help because dead people don't learn
  • therapy won't help because dead people don't change
  • more money won't help because dead people don't have discernment and wisdom

Here's a simple summary of the apostle Paul's teaching:

The Spiritual Framework

Source - Satan or God

Man - Adam or Jesus, the 2nd Adam

Power - Sin or the Holy spirit

Result - Death or Life

Your Spiritual Identity

Natural Dependence - Self or Christ

Natural Disposition - Works of the flesh or Fruit of the Spirit

A simple definition of "self" or "the flesh" is simply - our common sense and natural instincts apart from God. It is simply what we think is best - apart from input from God and his word

Not only did Jesus come to earth to die for our sins, Jesus came to change our spiritual identity.

Because of Adam, you were separated from God and received a power from Satan.

Because of Christ, you were rescued from Satan and reunited with God. This is justification.

For more in-depth study of the

power of The Origin of Death -

Read lesson 2 of What's Missing Inside You?

Now, Christ is living in you!

Let's continue with Romans 6:1-23. (Read it aloud.)

The Bible clearly teaches that everyone is a slave - either to sin or to God.

When we entered into a relationship of faith with Jesus Christ, we died to sin. The power of God that raised Jesus is the power that frees us from sin's mastery.

As symbolized in our baptism, our old "self" (our natural inclinations and wisdom without God) died and now we are alive to God in Christ Jesus.

Sin is no longer our master. We are under grace - and are free to serve and obey God. The result from being a slave to sin was death and embarrassment. The result of being a slave to God is righteousness, life, and holiness.

Bible Application

What is the result of this new life? What is the result of dying to self and living to christ?

We have a new master. We used to serve "sin". We now serve Christ. We used to exhibit the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21). Now we exhibit the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-25) This is sanctification.

In his book, when God Comes to Church, Ray Ortland tells the story of Jeremy Bentham, a millionaire who died in 1832. Jeremy Bentham willed his estate to the University College Hospital in London on one bizarre condition. He required that his dead body be dissected and then his skeleton re-assembled, preserved, and clothed so that he could attend all subsequent board meetings of the hospital.

To this day, dressed in his nineteenth-century attire, Jeremy Betham is wheeled into the hospital's board meetings and the chairman pronounces, "Jeremy Bentham, present but not voting."

The fact is - if you are a follower of Christ, he lives in you.

The question is - do you let him vote?

Listen to this quote by Watchman Nee from The Normal Christian Life.

There must be a day when, without reservation, we surrender everything to Him -- ourselves, our families, our possessions, our business and our time. All we are and have becomes His, to be held henceforth entirely at His disposal. From that day we are no longer our own masters, but only stewards. Not until the Lordship of Jesus Christ is a settled thing in our hearts can the spirit really operate effectively in us. He cannot direct our lives effectually until all control of them is committed to Him. If we do not give Him absolute authority in our lives, he can be present, but He cannot be powerful.

As we surrender to Him and serve Him we become more like Him. This is sanctification.

Christ died for you means ... You go to heaven. You have forgiveness of sins.
You died with Christ means ... You have a new identity.

You lose...

  • your past
  • your embarassments
  • your regrets
  • your plans (a person hanging on a cross has no future plans)

You are raised with Christ means.. You have a new identity.

You gain...

  • Christ's plans for you
  • Christ's grace to live a holy life
  • Christ's identity and purpose for your life
  • Christ's eternal life in heaven

You have been united with Christ in his death --

  • Christ died - as a payment for your sins.
  • You died - Your "self" is disabled and is no longer your master

You have been united with Christ in his resurrection --

  • He lives -- death did not master him
  • You live -- sin cannot master you.

You have a new master. A gracious, lovely, all-powerful, all-wise master.

You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness. Romans 6:18

This Romans Bible Study emphasized the grace of God.

Become a better equipped disciple of Christ through

the five expectations of grace in Kingdom Disciple.

Discussion Questions:

1. From this Romans Bible Study, what is justification? What is sanctification?

2. How do you see the power of sin at work in the world today?

3. What blessings of a new master are most precious to you?

4. What practical steps can you take to realize the power of Christ in you?

5. In what area will you let Christ not only "vote" but be master?

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