Sermons that Work

Paul Schlieker

Like you, I enjoy hearing sermons that work. By God's grace I have been asked to preach and teach in many different settings. Years ago I remember reading a quote on preaching: "It's better to say something rather awkwardly than nothing very cleverly." In a day that seems to value style over substance, this truth has never been more relevant.

Inspiring Sermons

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones defines preaching as "logic on fire." Many sermons are logical but contain little passion. By contrast, some sermons are exciting to hear, but say little.

The best preachers do not preach the text exclusively, but also the application of the text. Through the use of real life stories and clear application, people discover that the Bible is relevant today. These are the sermons that work.

Know God, not just Know About God

The goal of teaching and preaching is not to merely to help people know more about the Bible, but to help them know God himself. This requires communicating clear steps of obedience with a sense of urgency. Everyone must know what's at stake.

Sermons that Work are a Means to an End

An effective sermon will bring individuals to the "throne of grace" and invite them to do business with God. These messages are my humble attempt to do just that. I trust you will find the content biblical and relevant; timeless and timely.

How to Write a Sermon

If you are interested in writing your own sermons, take a look at the
12 Questions I ask myself when I'm writing a sermon.

Free Sermon Outlines

The outlines provide the listener with a structure that makes the message easy to follow and suitable for Sunday Schools as well as large and small groups.

My prayer is that by listening and using these free sermon outlines your confidence in God's Word and Spirit will grow.

The downloadable Bible studies listed below are free mp3 sermons. You can listen now or later.

We Offer these Inspiring Sermons

Imagine the Possibilities - Numbers 13-14

Facing Your Jericho - Joshua 5-6

The God Who is on a Mission - Jonah

Prince of Peace - Isaiah 9:6

Kingdom Disciple #1 - Come: Hearing Your Name

    - Luke 19:1-10
Kingdom Disciple #2 - Follow: Giving Up Everything
    - Luke 14:25-33
Kingdom Disciple #3 - Pray: Relying on God
    - Luke 11:1-13
Kingdom Disciple #4 - Love: Doing Good for Others
    - Luke 10:25-37
Kingdom Disciple #5 - Trust: Letting Jesus Lead
    - John 21:15-22
Kingdom Driven Discipleship #1 - A New World: Post Christian Culture
    - Matthew 4:19
Kingdom Driven Discipleship #2 - Motivation: Christ Himself
    - Luke 24:49, 51
Kingdom Driven Discipleship #3 - Focus: Relational Network
    - Psalm 139:16
Kingdom Driven Discipleship #4 - Success: Becoming Like Jesus
    - Luke 6:40
Kingdom Driven Discipleship #5 - Vision: Global Impact
    - Matthew 4:23
Live Your Mission - Join God's Family Business - Matthew 4 and Luke 5

If you enjoy Paul's sermons that work, try reading his devotions.
What Does Bible Say About Forgiveness? - Luke 15

Peters Denial of Jesus - Luke 22:31-34; 54-62

Christian Sermon - When Jesus is Your Friend - John 11:1-45

It's Time to Narrow Your Focus -John 17:4; Mark 1:35-38; Luke 6:12-16

Shaped Into Christ Likeness - Acts 6-7

The DNA of Jesus - New Testament Scriptures

Christ In You - His Presence - Holy Spirit Sermon #1

    - Ephesians 3:14-21
Christ in You - His Personality - Holy Spirit Sermon #2
    - Ephesians 3:14-21
Christ in You - His Power - Holy Spirit Sermon #3
    - Ephesians 3:14-21
Christ in You - Our Purpose in Life - Holy Spirit Sermon #4
    - Ephesians 3:14-21
People of the Light -- Ephesians 5:3-14

The Armor of God - Ephesians 6:10-20

Becoming Like Jesus - Colossians 3:1-17

Discipleship Lessons from the Book of Timothy - II Timothy 2:1-7

Overcoming Deception - I John 2:18-27

If you enjoy Paul's "sermons that work", you may also enjoy his books.

Your need: Curriculum to introduce seekers to the basic beliefs of Christianity.

Our resource: Bible Basics

This is the first study I've seen that actually begins at the right place and doesn't overwhelm the seeker. Pastor

  • Introduces the basic truths of Christianity
  • No Bible knowledge assumed in these six full color lessons
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to lead - discussion questions included

  • Your need: Curriculum to lead seekers to Christianity and ground believers in Christian beliefs.

    Our resource: What's Missing Inside You?

    This is one book you must have on your shelf for people who need grounding in basic Christian beliefs. Amazon reader

    Look no further to penetrate hearts.
    Business Owner

  • Excellent book for those seeking answers to the most important questions in life:

    Is there a God?
    What does Jesus have to do with me?
    Does God have a plan for my life?

  • Assumes no Bible knowledge
  • All Bible verses written out
  • Powerful real-life stories engage the heart
  • Challenging application personalizes the teaching
  • Easy to lead - discussion questions and leader's guide included

    Your need: A Bible study that will equip average believers to be authentic disciples of Jesus.

    Our resource: Kingdom Disciple

  • Biblically based study that creates authentic Jesus-followers
  • Explains expectations that Jesus has for His disciples
  • Average believers will become solid Christ-centered followers
  • Easy to lead with discussion questions included
  • Real-life stories that develop faith and obedience

    Your need: A discipleship Bible study to motivate and train believers to take Jesus to the places where they live, work, and play.

    Our resource:
    Kingdom-Driven Discipleship

    Exactly what our church needed to launch our discipleship ministry.
    Local Church Leader

  • Turns church members
    into disciple-makers
  • Helps you naturally reach your relationship network with five biblically based studies
  • Easy to lead with discussion questions included

  • If you can read it, you can lead it.

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