What does Bible Say about Forgiveness?

Imitating Christ's Acceptance

Luke 15

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During Jesus’ ministry, his greatest opposition came from religious men known as Pharisees. They resented Jesus for his popularity with the people, his indifference toward their traditions, and his habit of associating with people they labeled as “sinners.”

A Pharisee had two telltale flaws. First, he admired himself. Second, he despised others. The Pharisees practiced and taught a religion of good works. They emphasized personal effort and achievement. Acceptance was based on performance with little margin for error.

God's acceptance isn't based on my good works? How can that be?

In sharp contrast to the Pharisaic perception of God and religion, is the gospel of grace which Jesus embodied and taught. Without ignoring their sin, Jesus offered Christian forgiveness, mercy and acceptance based on grace, not performance.

Imitating Christ’s Acceptance involves three steps of faith:

1. Believe that a forgiving God is seeking you today

For a complete lesson on Christian Forgiveness, see What's Missing Inside You?

2. View yourself as forgivable and forgiven

3. Accept others as they are, not as they should be

Accept others through your friendships and relationships.

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